Sigmars Betrayal

[Based on a series of games against my brothers empire army in 2009 & after reading the Gav Thorpe book Grudgebearer hence the very similar storyline]

King Druegar Stromnisson paced impatiently as Lof Hammersmith the Thorinkins chief RuneLord and current head of Clan Vagar finished consulting the Great Book of Grudges. Druegars hands were constantly stroking his beard as he moved back and forth in front of his throne as the RuneLords deep voice whispered through the chamber.

"The Grudge is an ancient one my Lord. But one we must now act upon given that it has once again risen its head within our walls. We thought the kin of this Baron Northover was long dead, but this fresh news from the North gives us hope that there are still some in the Empire who share his blood."

"That is good news my friend, good news indeed. For too long has the insult paid by this 'Baron' of men and his brood has gone without resolution. It is has been some 1000 years since that lick spittle betrayed my kin, murdering our envoys seeking to cross through his lands purely for trade."

"The fault is not your own my King, it is mine and that of my Clan. The betrayal came at the time of great peril, you know as, as we all do. It appears that it was entered into the Book by the Runesmiths of King Stellaz Grudgebearer just after the Goblin invasions. In the turmoil that followed that time it was forgotten as new Grudges were added. It is only now that our links with the Empire have been re-forged that my Clan has fulfilled its duty and checked the Book carefully. We thought that Ragani Thoeliksson and Thoelik Goblinhewer had crossed all of the Grudges of that time out of the book, but we were wrong... I was wrong... this one Grudge, this murderous betrayal was left and forgotten until now."

"But not anymore my friend, not anymore... call a meeting of the Clan Thanes. The descendants of this Baron Northover must pay for the murder of our kin in blood."
Some time later the Thanes of the five great clans of Karak Thorinkin met in the Kings hall. Six months had now passed since that first meeting between Druegar and Lof. Six months in which messengers to theEmpire had repeatedly returned with the laughter and derisive responses of the descendants of Baron Northover still ringing in their ears.

"So it is agreed. This new Baron Northover, ruler of the land of Bromley is now an enemy of the Thorinkin. He has refused to resolve our Grudge against his kin, refuses even to acknowledge the legitimacy of our greivance, and he further insults us with his treatment of our envoys. Is our army ready to march."
"Yes my King, it is, and we have ensured that none of the surrounding human lords will interfer in this matter. The High King of Karaz-a-Karak himself has intervened with the Emperor allowing us free rein against this murder and his people. It seems that he has few friends willing to help him."
"Good, we march to war then. We march to the Empire, to fulfill our oaths and to fulfill the Grudge against this Northover and his kin. They shall pay in blood, they shall be wiped clean from the earth as the Grudge shall be wiped from our book and that of the High King himself."
And so it was that in the year 2559 the army of Karak Thorinkin with King Druegar Stromnisson at its head marched forth and into the human lands known as the Empire. In a series of pitched battles of ever increasing size [Battle Report #1] the army of Karak Thorinkin fought and died to meet its Oath. Until finally, on a clear summers day the full might of the hold meet its enemy, bolstered now by mercenarys, including Ogres, and supporters of the Baron Northover. Long and hard they fought [Read Battle Report], the battle swaying back and forth. As darkness fell over the battlefield, both sides retreated to safety, the ground littered with numerous dead including the corpse of Baron Northover. Killed by King Druegar Stromisson himself in single combat. The cost had been high, the Barons few friends had supplied many more troops than the Thorinkin had expected, but the Grudge was fulfilled.
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