Chronicles of the Kings

Druegar Stromnisson

King Druegar Stromnisson ascended to the throne of Karak Thorinkin in the fall of 2520 following the death of his father Stromni Tholiksson at the Battle of Skull River. In the early years of his reign Druegar's wise leadership saw the hold and its people prosper as the Thorinkin entered a period of prosperity not seen since the time of Stellaz Grudgebearer (1524 - 1609). Under his leadership ties with the human realm of Bretonnia were strengthened and fresh trading links established with Elven & independent human settlements in Tilea. The lands controlled by the Thorinkin also expanded with several new settlements and mines founded along the breadth of the mountain ranges known as the 'Vaults'.

Druegar is renowned for his bravery in battle and his steadfast and thoughtful leadership. In battle he is carried forth by two shieldbearers from his clan - Clan Theolik - and wields the Great Axe of Thoelik Goblinhewer inscribed with the Master Rune of Kragg the Grimm and the Rune of Fury. Refusing to carry a shield his armour and body bear numerous scars, including two great wounds taken against Chaos Demons in 2526. Such is his courage however that none of those wounds can be found on his back.

However, the period of prosperity he ushered in upon ascending to the throne was short lived as within a few short years a series of sorrows would befall both the Thorinkin as a people and Druegar himself. Firstly the Storm of Chaos (2523) saw the hordes of Archeon invade the Old World including the lands of the Thorinkin. While the initial Chaos assaults fall on the human realm of the Empire the Thorinkin do little but follow the news brought to them by refugees and ambassadors from the Empire. Only Druegar and few wiser Thanes among the Thorinkin begin preparations for war.

In 2523 news that Archeon and a large part of his force seem to have vanished from the Empire go unheeded by the majority of the Thorinkin that is until northern Thorinkin settlements come under attack. Bloodied refugees from those settlements, many only newly established under Druegars rule, tell of the great Chaos Horde marching toward the Thorinkins Western lands along its border with Bretonnia.

Responding to calls for assistance from their friends in the realm of Bretonnia, and other human settlements in Tilea, Druegar reluctantly gives permission of his kin Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson to march toward Bretonnia to meet the Chaos Horde. In 2525 the Thorinkin suffer the 'Day of Blood' [Read Battle Report] when the forces of Lord Kurgin are met in battle by Archeon himself and annihilated, and a smaller Chaos army assaults the very gates of Karak Thorinkin. Following these battles the Thorinkin learn of Archeons defeat at the hands of a great coalition in the Empire. Just one year later King Druegar Stromnisson leads the remaining forces of Karak Thorinkin in battle against the remnants of Archeons defeated Chaos horde, and is wounded fighting Chaos Spawn and Dragons west of the Copper Mountains. [Read Battle Report]

In the 20 years since these events Druegar has worked hard to restore Karak Thorinkin and the spirits of his people. But at each turn his efforts are thwarted and it seems as if a dark cloud has settled permanently over his reign and his realm. First Skaven incursions along the weakened northern borders see more brave Dwarfs fall, and lastly Grimgor Thalek and his expedition are destroyed at the Iron Mines of Karag Gloin in 2534. In the 11 years since Grimgors last stand, the fortunes of the Thorinkin have barely changed and the darkness that has shrouded Druegar has deepened even further. The few brief years of prosperity established in the first years of his reign now seem a distant memory and in some corners of Karak Thorinkin old wounds are now in danger of re-opening. Whispers and rumours abound and many now fear a second sundering....
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