Folklore of Karak Thorinkin

Ballad of Thorin Metalturner
One of many sagas about Thorin Metalturner this particular rendition was written by an unknown Loremaster in the year 525 and is the oldest of those recorded dating back some 2100 years. It tells the story of the flight of the Thorinkin from their ancestral home of Dru Grimthorn in Imperial Year -335, the bravery of the people during that flight and the final stand of Thorin and the Warriors of Dru Grimthorn on the bridge into Karak Azul.

The saga itself is not complete and the version below contains only the smallest part of what was once a tale that could, in the narrative tradition of the Thorinkin, take hours and sometimes days to recite. It however is the most widely known and recited among the people of Karak Thorinkin, and this shorter version is taught to all Beardlings by their parents. While the ballad loses much of its power and resonance when translated into the human tounge it is still a remarkable work.

For a better understanding of the events it describes you should read the historical archives on the Foundation of Karak Thorinkin and the fall of Dru Grimthorn.

Fled from blood and fire
Paths marked with those lost
Lives emptied through despair and sorrow
Harried ever, fight and flee
Giant, greenskin, wolf and spider
Fire, arrow, spear, sword, axes blunt
Beardlings honored youth aged but not yet grown
Bravery, deeds of song and story
Lost among shadows drowned in tears
The people marched, ahead a bright horizon
Distant kin of the Hammer mighty
Its wielder undaunted, eyes bright, arm strong
But bones weary, the peoples weight upon heavy shoulders
Horizon reached through blood and sacrifice
Few remain less than those lost
Beardlings and grumblers alike as steel from Grimnirs forge
Beacons lit by the Hammers kin
Banners unfurled herald salvation
Resolve fades to joyful flight care swept aside
Bridge to safety a trap now sprung
Bonecrusher Giant, Greenskin horde fall upon the weary
Hammer mighty resolute and tall gathers about him warriors few
Those remaining whose armour bright and axes sharp
Stand astride the bridge resolute unmoving
Behind them the people flee all order lost
Bravery uncounted, numbers unmatched dark horde held
Warriors fall and Hammer stands alone
Bonecrusher challenges club raised high People now safe behind kindred’s walls
The Hammer answers and Hornthang draws blood
Endless it seems battle wages between Hammer and Club, Giant and Thane
Limbs broken, armour rendered a fatal blow Hornthang scores
At his feet a Giant falls and a dark host flees
Hammer now raised by arms too weary, bloodied armour and beard
Eyes last glimpse upon kindred’s walls a people safe
Through blood and fire the Hammer has led them but now is no more
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